Launching a deployment

From your desktop

The following command allows you to launch the deployment on remote server(s)

automate deploy development master
automate deploy ‹platform› [gitref] -c [path_of_config_file]

The target platform name (e.g. development)

The branch, the tag, or the commit to be deployed.
By default Automate will use the « default_branch » in the configuration file

By default, Automate will search for the file .automate.yml in the current directory. You can specify it with the option -c /path/to/.automate.yml

Automatically from your Gitlab or Github environment

It’s possible directly in Gitlab or Github only to lunch automatically Automate after each git push or merge request.
For Gitlab, just add the file gitlab-ci.yml in the root path of your project.

    - ...
    - deploy

    stage: deploy
    image: "php"                                 #Use the right Docker container image you need
        - master
        - "automate deploy development"   #Lunch the job !
        name: development