Discover the advantages of Automate


This is the end of much inconsistency between your platforms, everything is deploying in parallel. If one failed, all others are stopped immediately.

Atomic deploys

Your application is integrally built, then deployed instantly with symlinks.

Zero downtime

As long as the new deployment is not succesful, the last one stays online until the last moment.

Deploy to multiples servers

Configure all your remotes servers: development, pre-production and production one in the same place. Automate take care of the rest!

Deploy any project

Automate can work with any type of project! PHP, JS, Ruby,.. It’s a polyvalent Automate ! ;)

Github / Gitlab-ci

You can use Automate from your workstation or through an integration server like Github or Gitlab-ci. Un test SEO!


Get starting

You can download the latest version of Automate with the following command

curl -LSs | bash